Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dreaming of Paris

This will be a very short post. Just a few pictures I want to share when I was in the city of light. Maybe you already found it in my instagram account recently.

Yes, it's been ages since I updated my pictures in instagram, because I wouldn't carry my heavy 'cutting board' (read: iPad) and snap pictures everywhere. Follow my instagram if you want to see pictures of my outfits, inspiration boards, daily activities, etc. My username is @anatakwok anyway.

Au revoir!


  1. wow paris is amaze right? *envy*
    buy me valentino clutch pleasee ce lol wkwkwkw

  2. Paris is so amazing, shall we follow let me know XSE

  3. i would love to go someday!


  4. Thank you for your comment on my blog xxx

    I’d love to following you on GFC! Now is your turn? :)

    Kisses from Poland!
    Renews xxx

  5. Looks like a wonderful life!

    xox Lara

  6. hi Sweet:)
    you look so prety:)
    i'm your new follower:)
    wanna follow me back?

    kisses from Poland,

  7. It's one of my dream to go there myself!
    And I love your style, it's effortlessly simple and chic :) I've read your interview in Dskon and I just want to give you a thumbs up, I love your answers and your view of fashion in Indonesia :)


  8. Those are really cute pictures! :) love the feeling in them!

  9. Beautiful pictures! I live here in Paris and is always good to realize the magic that attracted me here first. I follow you on gfc and instagram :)

  10. the fashion, the tone, the feeling, every single thing on Paris is just magical and wondrous! I would love to visit the artistic city one day as an artist! beautiful pictures, dear!

    "The Photographic Sense:The 16th Mod Birthday Party" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-

  11. You look really amazing ^^

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    Thank youuuu <3



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