Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sweet Escape

I do feling wanderlust, really in a deep needs of vacation to a far far away island where I could lay down and covered my body in a warm sands, hearing the sound of the sea breeze pelting against the coconut leaves. Somewhere I could giggle, rolling, and snapping pictures at the same time. Why?! I’ve been working like a dog over a years, err maybe less than a year. Ahem, and, that’s why!! I need some kind refreshement for my brain, though I don't use my brain that much.

Pest Buster: Comes To The Rescue


Monday, August 11, 2014

Du Noir Naît La Lumière

Du noir naît la lumière”,  translated “Through black… light revealed”. Black has this immense power of revealing light in a space. This mix is a proof. How about you, do you use a lot of black in your today's outfit?

Were styling for Jawa Pos Koran Lebaran Edition last month, in black and white. Find out more the tips how to wear black and white there!
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