Thursday, March 5, 2015

Healthy Lifestyle, Detolixir, and Its Identity

Have I told you that lately I feel like I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not just because I'm getting fat and fatter, well, yes that the main reason. After a deep research, in google of course, I found out that detoxing is really good for our body, not just good for weight loss but it also boosting immunity, balance skin condition (underlined, it's super important right?), and improved nail and hair strength.

Need to admit that's the effect when you do a corporate identity for a company that runs in healthy things and stuff. Detolixir comes from word detox and elixir, as you already know what elixir means. Simply when you need to detoxing, you'll need detox drinks that is Detolixir. Haha.

It was fun project, I did all their identity, include their packaging, invoices etc, and also information card.

In case you need detox drinks to reboot your lifestyle, contact:

IG @detolixir
WA/TEXT 0818330829


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