Thursday, April 23, 2015

Breakfast In Bed Ideas ―With Tropicana Slim

Nothing shows someone you care more than a freshly made breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed is the perfect way to start a lazy day because there's something especially luxurious about waking up to a tray of delicious food and drinks to ease you into the day. It's a wonderful way to tell someone that they are special on Valentine's day, Father's Day, Mother's day or even just casual sunday morning.
Preparation is the key, there are several things that you’ll need when serving breakfast in bed:


Big enough to place everything so you don't need to go back and forth to the kitchen. Make sure to bring your cutlery as well.


Make sure it's fresh, because it just perfect seeing them fresh and real to start a day. Its beauty and smell will boost your mood and it will make your tray looks even better!


A perfect way to finish the meals, make sure to bring plenty of newspaper or your loved one's favourite magazines, while you are doing the cleanup or having a good quality time together in bed.


You don't have to serve complicated dishes, something simple and thoughtful will do just fine. Toast is the easiest one, spread with Tropicana Slim's Strawberry Jam to add sweetness and color. Whatever you'll serve, remember to always serve something healthy to your loved ones. Use Tropicana Slim's Low Calorie Sweetener instead of regular sugar for a healthier substitute.

Enjoy sweetness in the morning without fear!

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