Friday, April 3, 2015

Multitask Master

I'm good at multitasking, which is bad, they said. Like what I'm doing right now, typing with my five fingers while the others travelling into a bag of potato chips. So, I conclude it's bad for our diet.

This kind of things I and my boyfie had been arguing for such a long time. When it's time to call him, I can not just sit and talk to him, I had to do something else. So, I figured out the best time to call him is when I'm in the car, hopeless, doing nothing, and full attention to him.

Multitasker has always find it difficult to concentrate on one task. But it's not always a weakness I supposed, I can apply mascara while I'm driving, and maybe I could write that on my resume. No, kidding. I spend my time make important calls and checking my email mostly in the car. And also online shopping, of course!

Speaking of online shopping, I always excited to receive Esther Lin's newest collection, especially this PURE collection, see it here.
Wrapped in Sheer Dress from Esther Lin's PURE 2015 collection, I did't feel like I was going to wear it unmixed. Paired it with old puffed shoulder military jacket which never been worn since I bought it was perfect to contrast the feminine and masculine. And my all time favourite pumps, Sam Edelman Desiree and Celine shades.

Photographed by Little Noise Photography
MUA Freesia Yap


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