Monday, June 15, 2015

What's In My Perspex Clutch

A sneak peak into what I carry around inside my new insertion to my perspex clutch from Estoite in a bright lemon color. Isn't it perfect for summer?

The junk that always with me, from right to left:

1. iPhone 5

Who would leave home without a phone, nowdays? My phone is clothed in Laurel London.

2. Gel Coat by Dior

Crazy enough to carry this thing considering the pouch is very small. Bbut, who knows what'll happen to my nails since I'm a crab eater! (Not an Antartican slender mammals, you know what I mean)

3. Dior So Real

Actually, I carry it outside my perspex clutch, because it's not fit in there.

4. Cash Money and Credit Card

Idem with number one. Cover it with an envelope considering that it may be too much showing it publicly.

5. Accessories

Some stacked rings or earings whenever I don't feel wearing it, I'll put on my pouch.

6. Mints

Just to prevent an accident.

7. Hairties

Baby, it's hot in here, and it's getting hot in here! And I need these because it won't leave a ponytail mark in hair. These monochrome set are from Lulla.

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