Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Everything is New

2017, IT'S A NEW YEAR!!! And it's a new role for me as a new person as a mother, gave birth to my son and still learning how to nurse my baby. This new year is about survival for me, another challenge how to survive everyday when I can't even hit the snooze button every time my baby cries and limitation of my morning coffee intake. I always wondering can I be a good mother or am I doing it right since the very first week my baby born, when he cries, I cried even harder. It's never an easy thing for me.

I believe as the Solomon said ...this too shall pass. A month has passed by, I'm so thankful that I've gone this far (well not that far, it's only a month) and I would like to share what I've been through this past month to every new momma out there, I know you are crying holding your baby right now, been there to. This is not a sponsored post or I get paid by certain products or anything. I just want to share my experience using these products that works for me and my baby. Happy baby happy mom, right?

Cradle Cap
Two days after went home from hospital, my baby's scalp has flacky, dry skin that looks like dandruff because of the hormones my baby receive from me at the end of pregnancy that overstimulating the baby's oil production. Here's how I deal with it:
1. Apply baby oil on his head, and leave it two to three hours before bath and gently massage his head with soft brush to loosen the scales.
2. Shampoo more frequently (once a day) using shampoo that formulated for cradle cap. In this case I used Mustela Foam Shampoo For Newborns. I saw result after a week using this product.

Infant Acne
Baby acne shows up a couple of weeks after birth. Looks like teenager acne, it has whitehead on it. It's not necesarily acne however, it caused by hormones once again. They say baby acne will clear up itself a few weeks but it can linger for months and I don't need to apply anything to his cheek. However, I can't stand watching my baby's cute chubby cheek with some acne there. My friends suggesting a cream that I think it's to harsh for my baby's skin. So, I ended up trying this product: Mustela Physiobebe. It works like magic, in a week infant acne be gone. Yeay!

Smooth Butt
A healthy breastfed baby should have those mustard color poop, while my baby has a green color becaus he's not having enough hindmilk, caused by my lacked of knowledge. Green stool has more aicidic than the normal stool, and it cause rashes on his butt. Again, I tried Mustela Diaper Rash Cream that has been recommended by the shop assistant at a baby shop in my town. It's great because it heals the diaper rash and it can also be used daily to prevent diaper rash.

Take Care of Baby's Gum
I'm using this Dr Brown's Tooth and Gum Wipes that suitable for newborn once a day, in the night before sleep. I love this product, it is easy to use and my baby loves it too.

So, there are my favorite skin care baby products I'm using right now. I hope this post helps and please let me know on comment below if you have another recommendation.


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