Monday, September 4, 2017

The Remedy for Love: Love, Bonito

Bed and smartphone are my new best friend since hello, i'm new in momhood, and my days are tiring. My only remedy is to have alone time, whether is for online shopping or just cuddle up with my bed, because to go to the mall meaning I need extra energy flash it's too tiring.

In my case, sleeping baby means shopping time. No need to wash and set up hair or pack the baby stuffs that need an overwhelming planning and preparation that my brain can't take it. All I need is internet connection. And this, one of my favorite place to shop: Love, Bonito.

Love, Bonito is online retail based in Singapore. Starting out as a passion project in 2006, Love, Bonito has grown exponentially over the last 11 years and is now the largest homegrown fashion brand, and probably the one and only made for real women by real women brand.

Since I'm a picky person, I hate to buy something online and end up in the trash (literally), because you know some online shop has those vogue-inspired catalog and when I received the items it just meh, not as good as in the picture. Some of them has really bad cutting or the button fell of quickly. It's a disaster. Like, I don't have time to fix and check on my dress every minute when carrying a baby. This is why I Love, Bonito. They have good quality control over their product, cutting and materials are described well in the website. And I'm in love with this pleated skirt. I can wear it with long sleeve blouse and literally anything in my closet.


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